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One Resident’s Analysis of the Chelsea Neighborhood Association’s Debate

By Smartin’ Martin (Normally, we just report on events.  This is almost entirely the opinion of one attendee. Here is a candidate-by-candidate review of those standing for Sixth and Fifth Ward and At-Large Councilmen offices.)   Councilman at Large   George Tibitt: Seems to be a mini-Mancuso.  A lot of people like him but he … Continue reading

Clarifying the Chelsea Neighborhood Post

We received the following note from Carol Ruffu, an organizer of the Chelsea Neighborhood Association’s candidates debate. ______________________________ Jesse,   There is a little misinformation in this article.  Acting Mayor Marsh was there to address our members prior to the Candidates Forum. He arrived late so we started the Forum, then gave the floor to … Continue reading

Chelsea Neighborhood Association A.C. Candidates Debate

25 October, MMVII Candidates for Fifth Ward, Sixth Ward, and At-Large Councilman seats addressed the monthly meeting of the Chelsea Neighborhood Association.  The At-Large Council candidates spoke first, then the Fifth and Sixth Ward candidates spoke. In between, Acting Mayor William “Speedy” Marsh gave an address to the crowd.  His speech was rather prolonged, given … Continue reading

The Mike Toland Interview

(Jesse Kurtz)  Thank you Mike, for agreeing to answer some questions for The Atlantic City Scoop.  Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Michael Toland)  I am a 1968 Atlantic City High School graduate, who has resided on the island for 53 years, I have resided in Chelsea Heights since 1978. I am a 1976 Richard … Continue reading

Children, Guns, Stick-Figures.

Written By Timothy McGuire  One of my greatest fears in this life is a five-year-old pointing a gun at me.  This is almost exactly parallel to my desperate fear of being “held up” by a midget or a dwarf of some kind.  This is my particular phobia, and it is not meant to indicate any … Continue reading

The Ytit Chauhan Interview

(Jesse Kurtz)   Mr. Chauhan, thank you for agreeing to appear on The Atlantic City Scoop.  Why are you running for Sixth Ward Councilman? (Ytit Chauhan)   I have always had a deep passion and appreciation for public service.  Even though Atlantic City elected officials have disgraced and misused the public trust time and time again, I … Continue reading

Sexual Criminals Around Atlantic City

By Timothy McGuire  Terry Oleson is a thirty five year old Atlantic City man who was caught up in an awful whirlwind of crimes that were significantly larger and more heinous that the ones he was satisfied committing.  He is not more of a criminal than is Buddy Holly or any other peeping tom.  These people … Continue reading

The Sands Casino Is No More.

(Credit – http://www.worldcasinodirectory.com/casino/sands-casino-hotel-2855) Hundreds of people had their last glimpse of the Sands tonight.  Trucks parked on the beach and turned the area by the ocean in to a gigantic tailgate party.  With drinks in hand, people chanted “Blow it Up!  Blow it up!”  There was a large contingency of students from Rutgers and Rowan, … Continue reading

The Committee Meeting Notables and Quotables

Acting Mayor William “Speedy” Marsh was seen thanking – what seemed to be – his supporters on the Committee, afterwards, in the parking lot.  The most ridiculous (and amusing) utterance of the evening, “If you want to nominate Donald Duck, then go head” (A frustrated Marty Small). There was some sympathy, for former Mayor Bob Levy, expressed in … Continue reading

The Atlantic City Democrats’ Committee Meeting Post-Game Show

Wednesday night’s meeting yielded Dominic Cappella, Barbara Hudgins, and Scott Evans as the City Democratic Committe’s three choices to fill Mayor Bob Levy’s unexpired term.  Many people suspected Cappella and Evans would be able to garner enough support to capture the nomination.  My big question is: why Barbara Hudgins? Barbara Hudgins was defeated by George … Continue reading