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Atlantic City Property Tax Re-Evaluation

The number one concern for Atlantic City residents is the imminent property tax re-evaluation.   The re-evaluation is guaranteed to raise residents’ property tax bills.   The sole question is, “How much is it going to be raised?” You would think that City politicians would champion the issue for its abundant political capital.   Your thinking would be wrong.   … Continue reading

Tim on Manners

By Timothy Ryan McGuire timothyryanmcguire@gmail.com      Manners are fun.  They are little codes that are indistinct in origin and are not general to any wide geographic location.  I read one time that the Japanese are so oriented to “returning the favor” that it is rude to do a favor for a stranger.  Example: Mr. … Continue reading

The Forgotten Nomination for Mayor

Atlantic City has had a new Mayor for three days now.  Scott Evans was selected from a pool of three choices: himself, Dominic Cappella and Barbara Hudgins.  Evans was selected in a 6-2 vote by Council at 21 November’s special meeting.  Cappella was voted down 2-6.  It is Hudgins that I now focus upon.  Hudgins … Continue reading

The Magic of Atlantic City

Is it not amusing to have a magical room, where the same type of activity is both encouraged and discouraged?  When you go to this same magical room and gamble, you are both complimented and arrested.  The magical room is none other than the Borgata Poker Room.  The magic governing the rules in the Poker Room are … Continue reading

NJ League of Municipalities Gather in A.C.

By Timothy Ryan Isaac McGuire timothyryanmcguire@gmail.com  New Jersey State League of Municipalities officials are converging on the City of the Atlantic for what they label as a conference.  McGreely dubbed it a frat party.  So, what does it mean that a large group of politicians are inserting themselves into the gaming capitol of the East coast.  … Continue reading

John Pershing Perrin, from Atlantic City

It is good to remember those heroes amongst us.  Please keep the soul of Spc. Eric Rivera, Atlantic City’s first casualty, in your prayers.  We remember his passing this Veteran’s Day.  Also, pray for his family. There is a good story about another Atlantic City military hero.  Perrin lived with his parents in Atlantic City.  … Continue reading


 I put “legislated transportation monopolies” as one of the top three issues in Atlantic City.  I welcome this guest column on A.C. transportation woes. By: Pete Antone | thetoughguys@aol.com Monopoly Power Revenue Enhancement program 1. Confiscates driver’s earnings through high cab rentals protected by lack of free-market. 2. Suppresses service to the people. Why serve … Continue reading

The Election Day Excitement

Today is my birthday.  I was born on the day that Reagan won re-election for a second Presidential term.  It must have been destined that I would have strong views and interests in politics. It is not a smart thing to do.  I refer to making political predictions – actually, predictions in general seem like … Continue reading

Steve Layman: Part II

(JK:)    You stress the importance of stable city government, in order to encourage future development in Atlantic City.  What city-wide issues in government will you address to ensure stability? (SL:)   Stable city government is key to improving the quality of life here in our city.  We do not presently have a stable government.  If you … Continue reading

Re-Visiting the A.C. City Democrat Committee Meeting of 17 Oct.

Discussion about the Atlantic City Mayoral situation has significantly dimmed in volume.  I would like to take this opportunity to re-visit the Atlantic City Democratic Committee meeting of 17 October. In discussing the possible ways that Judge Valerie Armstrong can rule, a lot hinges on her view of the 17 October Democratic Committee meeting’s proceedings.  … Continue reading