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Presidential Politics

Rock Star Republican Rising

Why is he rising through a media that hates the Christian Religion?
(Here we digress to a reflection on Presidential politics.)

By: Timothy Ryan McGuire

Huckabee the Evangelical, hard-core Paleo-Conservative is up in the polls, my friends. We have seen this man on the Colbert Report and heard about his rock-and-roll band. The media seems to love him. I do not say that America loves Mike, merely that the news-media has a passing fancy with the governor, and this is the cause of his recent success. Those of you who believe none of what you see in the news, and half of what you read, will understand this fascinating phenomenon.

He is a decent player in the political coliseum, but where does his future lie? He should have gotten Brownback’s endorsement. That would have gotten him another percentage point anyway. Who decided that Brownie would endorse McCain? It was a move little understood by his New Hampshire crew. As they swept the floors for the last time and tearfully removed the pictures from the wall, they puzzled over the befuddling events.

McCain is a great man and an American hero, but to the Brownback fans, the very thought of embryonic stem-cell research is depressing. The point of contention with this particular stem-cell study is that the cells are harvested from a living fetus that then dies. This confused the office workers, who began to reflect on the viability of another religiously convicted man.

So, now the old Huckster is up in Iowa. New Hampshire is a bit of a mystery to him, since there are few Evangelicals there. This is where Brownie would have been so very helpful to him. N.H. is full of semi-practicing Catholics. The Catholic churches in N.H., much like the Republican Party, need revamping. They seem to have lost their identity like an old woman with Alzheimer’s. The Bark of St. Peter is adrift, bumping along the waters of moral relativism with the Republicans.

Huckabee is now getting those soft questions about religion that the senator from Kansas used to get. He is not known for his stance on topics that may seem more pressing to the Neo-Con mind, such as the idiotically named, “War on Terror.” America needs its Constitution and a statesman, a ship and a star to sail her by. It will be a year before we have a new president; it truly seems as if it is a race of senators, yet on the horizon some see the traditional American faith in governors rising out of the bland haze of party front-runners. While everyone claims to be a child of Reagan, there may be a refreshing dark horse to saddle the country firmly and cut through the fog with a keen moral compass.

Many people have said that they tire of the status quo, that business-as-usual is not good enough; meet the new boss… same as the old boss. The well funded candidates are bought and paid for by their multi-precedented concessions, a heavy chain of guilt, stained with their panegyric lies and flip-flopping.

I recently interview a 74 year-old woman at a Jewish cultural festival. I asked her about a few candidates. She grew excited and told me that they all need to go. If they haven’t changed things and they have already served a full term, they are a “waste of senate floor air which does not come by the American citizen cheaply.” Her son paid the price of three fingers and an eye in the service of his country. In this case, the American citizen does not get what he paid for with the lives of his brothers and sisters, friends, and relatives. Politics-as-usual is killing our youth.

Huckabee is a moderate man; he is not on a crusade. The front-runners are good at getting elected, when it is the second and third tier that campaigns furiously, thereby understanding the American public through real contact.  He is also going to have to learn to tone-down the big government ideas he carries like lice, and join the Americans who do not need a nanny to tell them not to smoke.


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One thought on “Rock Star Republican Rising

  1. He is moderate, that’s why. He’s less liberal than Rudy or Mitt, but he’s no conservative, that for sure.

    Posted by dave202 | December 6, 2007, 6:17 pm

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