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Education, Presidential Politics

Mediation of Fact and the Average American

The campaign trail has been rough for the Republicans this year. Some say that this is because the candidates are a collection of comparatively similar conservatives. This is all wrong. The interviews run the well worn track of parallel political questioning.

The media asks the same lame questions about the quirks of each aspirant, trying to differentiate the senators, congressmen and governors on much the same basis as a high-school prom queen and king, i.e., popularity based on the public’s reaction to how the media presents them.

The media, of course is an undefined entity that defies definition. This entity is made up of people who err like any other human. They have their biases just like the observers of a traffic accident: six observers, six stories.

Mitt Romney is by no means a prom king, but now it seems as if Huckabee is the comic relief in this round of the circus act. This reporting is all of a single perspective organized by a group of persons in the news reporting business. The CBS nightly anchor does nothing but read what is put on the queue card. The media, and thus, news, has two sides, the side that gathers news and decides what shall be reported in what order and with what importance, and also the side that must have a believable, benign visage that the American public can absorb and repeat.

There is a certain talk show, the number two show in the nation, which periodically poses random people, political questions. “Name a senator from a state that is not yours.” There are fifty states, one hundred senators, and very few answers to this question. It used to be that the average American had two pieces of literature on hand at all times. These would be the Good Book and the Newspaper. Now it seems that the television has taken up more hard-bought American time with less news and more spin.

The Democrats cry, “Havoc!” and “Education!” to an expectant public, and they are right. The public is ignorant of much that goes on in the hearts of their princes. We are sheep guarded by wolves.

The wolves are the ones with the knowledge of what is happening in the world. With their knowledge comes their great power over the masses. The trusted media is complicit in this activity, captivating our attention with cats in trees, and focusing on faulty fire alarms, when the real fire is already out of control, burning down the monuments of our morals and the foundations of our freedom.



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