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City Cell Phone Detail

Why is the City’s budget so high?   It has been suggested that the City has too many cell phones.  We are getting to the bottom of the situation. The city has between 135 and 137 cell phone plans.   Why do taxpayers pay for so many phones?  Peggy Cantes, Office Supervisor with the City of Atlantic City, says, “The … Continue reading

Empty Progress: A Dialogue with Michael Clark about Scott Evans

Have you ever read an article and started yelling at the print?  I always want to yell at both newspaper articles and my radio.  Self-restraint prevails.  Here are some things I wanted to yell at Michael Clark’s print (Press of AC). (Reading Mr. Clark -) Incumbent Mayor Scott Evans […] criticized [former Mayor] Langford’s history in office after hearing … Continue reading

Atlantic City Living: Tip #1

Write a treatise.  Date the treatise.  Place it in a bottle.  Head down to the beach.  Toss the bottle as far beyond the surf as you can.  Your bottle and treatise might travel from Atlantic City to the shores of a foreign country, like Alexus Monds’s message in a bottle. 

City-Paid Cell Phones

Have you ever wondered how many cell phones are paid for by Atlantic City tax payers? Letter from Director of Revenue and Finance Jack Potts. 

Atlantic City: Feminist Milestone?

   Mitra Jalali wrote the following: The notorious myth of the bra-burning feminist was born when the first feminist protest against the Miss America competition was held in Atlantic City, NJ in 1968.     (You can read the rest of Jalali’s post here.)  Jalali goes on to examine the recent Miss America Pageant.    These little … Continue reading

We are Back!

My apologies to everyone.  I hurt my shoulder and neck last week, fell behind in all of my work, and have had to push aside the blog.  We are back with force. There is a full line-up of news items, historical pieces, humour, political analysis, & interviews on the horizon.  Subscribe to us in either … Continue reading

An Idea For The Governor

The Press of Atlantic City today published my view on the Governor’s plan to raise tolls and bring the State further and longer in to debt.  Here is what I wrote: ________________________________ Just repudiate New Jersey debt Gov. Jon S. Corzine has asked if anyone has another plan to solve the state’s financial woes. Here … Continue reading

Tropicana and Labour Union Mafiosos

“Local 54 won. The Casino Control Commission (CCC) denies Columbia Sussex’s request for gaming license.” Thinking this, I enjoyed a holiday party in a Tropicana meeting room. The quality of food and service, the cleanliness and charm were all very impressive. I was on heightened-alert for rats, rodents, and other signs of filth, as well … Continue reading

The Atlantic City Scoop Making An Impact on National Politics

We received the following note recently. It is humbling to know that our blog on political activity is shaping the national debate. _____________________________________________________________ I went to your blog and found your [Senator John] McCain post interesting. I make substantive and positive reference to it at http://principalitiesandpowers.blogspot.com. Dr D.C. Innes Asst Professor of Politics Asst Chairman … Continue reading

Feeling the Political Pulse

“The [tax] rate should decrease” (Mrs. Jennifer Couthan). “We hope so” (Mayor Scott Evans). “Let us pray” (Mrs. Couthan). Here is found the prevailing sentiment of the Westside Protective Civic Association. The monthly meeting held last night (Monday, 7 January, MMVIII) began with an address from the Mayor to the 32 attendees. He discussed the … Continue reading