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Councilman Bruce Ward: Refreshing Presence On City Council

It is respectable to read of an elected official making a stance on something. Councilman G. Bruce Ward takes on the issue of eminent domain. He writes: Developments of the size and scale envisioned for tomorrow’s Atlantic City provide considerable economic investment to the community, as well as substantial municipal property tax revenue and thousands … Continue reading

Atlantic City: Housing, Healthcare, and Free Drug Needles For All!

   Casino profits may have decreased, but one area of Atlantic City commerce is booming.  NBC40 reports: TRENTON — The New Jersey needle exchange program is struggling to attract clients statewide, except for one local location. About 175 people have enrolled in the Atlantic City program at the Oasis Drop Center since November. My vehement … Continue reading

Senator John McCain’s Alleged Lobbyist-Romance Represents Atlantic City School Board

    The New York Times accused Senator John McCain of having an affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman.  Ms. Iseman works for Alcalde & Fay, a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm.  Alcalde & Fay has many clients.  One client is the Atlantic City School Board.    Follow this Scholastic syllogism.  Vicki Iseman lobbies for Alcalde & Fay.  … Continue reading

Move Over Water Club, Here Comes The Chelsea

   All of the new hotel-hype has been focused on Borgata’s Water Club.  Then, whatever energy is left over focuses on the Harrah’s expansion.  Yet there is a hotel that is generating quite a buzz.  Remarkably, it is not a Casino’s project.     Our expert in the hotel business, Andrew Calvo, has this to say … Continue reading

29 Atlantic City To-Dos

   Prnewswire has the impetus and acumen to provide visitors (and locals too, but we must keep that a secret, for locals pride themselves in knowing much more of the area than those lowly “shoobies”) with 29 experiences to try on Leap Day, 29 February.    Here are a few suggestions of places to visit … Continue reading

A Suggestion To Lower Taxes

As noted in the Press of Atlantic City: Jesse Kurtz, of Atlantic City, suggested saving money by enforcing immigration laws and denying health care to people who are in the country illegally. Enforcing the laws is a good thing.  We are in the bad habit of turning a blind eye to certain laws and being … Continue reading

Atlantic City’s Needed Infrastructure

   NBC 40 featured a piece “Atlantic City Prepares For Influx Of New Employees.”  They report: Tom carver, [sic] executive director of the casino reinvestment development authority, says the casinos face a tremendous challenge handling the crush of up to 40,000 additional workers without adding to traffic congestion on local roads.    In my debut column … Continue reading

Atlantic City Transparency

   Does not exist.  We want to pioneer a political culture of transparency in Atlantic City.  I encourage you to assist us with making every single action of the government known to the public.  Start today.  Print out this form.  You now have the tool to get answers to any question you can mentally conceive.     … Continue reading

An Atlantic City Chance for Caritas

   Caritas is Latin for charity.  When we think of charity we think of giving money to a group like Salvation Army.  Caritas applies more to an outpouring of love in a genuine attempt to better another person’s life and predicament.    There is a fundraiser being held on February 28 to benefit the rehabilitation … Continue reading

An Atlantic City Review

   Steve Persall writes a mixed review of Atlantic City.  One stinging passage from his review: Atlantic City is Biloxi, Miss., with a boardwalk, a proud but economically challenged community hoping tourists tide them over until summertime. The main attractions are fine dining and gambling, with nine casinos in quasi-elegant resorts — three owned by … Continue reading