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A Republican to Lead Them

    A Republican has plunged in to the Mayoral campaign in Atlantic City.  John McQueen, Jr. has announced his candidacy for the Republican Mayoral nomination.  We will be interviewing all of the Mayoral candidates – assuming that they are brave enough to answer our questions.  Here is Mr. McQueen’s press release. McQueen For Mayor P.O. … Continue reading

It Is About Time

   Mayor Scott Evans is commended for installing an objective way to record city employee hours.  Biometric time clocks are installed in City Hall.  The new system replaces an antiquated sign-in sheet, which was often used to cheat taxpayers when employees signed-in for more hours than they actually work. “I couldn’t believe they were still … Continue reading

One More Jumps in the Mayoral Fray

   Today’s Press of Atlantic City reports that Willie Norwood will be/is running for Mayor as an Independent candidate. ATLANTIC CITY – Running for public office requires a very simple change for Willie Norwood. He types out the office he seeks and prints it out. He then cuts out that title and pastes it to a … Continue reading

Diverging in to Politics and Religion

   You are cordially invited to a talk I will be giving on the relation between religion and politics in Atlantic City.  Tuesday (tomorrow), 7pm, in the basement cafeteria of Our Lady Star of the Sea School, 15 North California Avenue.  The talk is Faithful Citizenship.     Come and learn what Catholicism has to offer … Continue reading

Councilman G. Bruce Ward’s Proposed Smoking Ban

Councilman G. Bruce Ward will introduce a total smoking ban for Atlantic City casinos.  The City Council meeting is this Wednesday, 26 March, 5pm in City Council Chambers.  Associated Press reports: Councilman Bruce Ward said Friday he will introduce a measure at next Wednesday’s council meeting to ban all smoking on the casino floor. He … Continue reading

Atlantic City History: 1922 Camera Automobile

   Atlantic City used to make the headlines for things other than its political corruption.  Check out Modern Mechanix blog for the 1922 Camera Automobile. 

Atlantic City Budget Graph: 1996 – 2008

   View the budget graph.   The enormous size of the City’s budget is the single most important issue in the Mayoral election.  It is important to understand what the budget was under Lorenzo Langford, Bob Levy, Jim Whelan, & the budget proposed by Mayor Scott Evans.

Atlantic City Tax Rates: 2000 – 2007

     Have you ever wondered how the tax rate has changed for Atlantic City property owners?   Here are Atlantic City’s tax rates: 2000 – 2007.     When you hear various Mayors speak about their fiscal policy, match what they say to what the tax rate was.  There are many other factors to consider, but when property owners receive their … Continue reading

No Personal Accountability Today

   Losing money while gambling might join spilling coffee on one’s self as the top dumb things that people demand compensation from a third party.  Arelia Margarita Taveras is suing numerous Atlantic City casinos for $20 million.  The casinos crime is that they allowed her to gamble and lose her money.  I thought that that is the … Continue reading

Open Public Records Not A Big Deal For Mayor Scott Evans

   Mayor Scott Evans does not have Open Public Records as a high priority.  We echo the sentiments of The Press of Atlantic City’s editorial board on 10 March: Atlantic City Mayor Scott Evans is squandering an opportunity to open up the city’s government after years of back-room dealings that bred mistrust and abuse. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading