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A Call to Action

Atlantic CIty City Council will meet at 5pm on Wednesday, 9 April. They will consider Ordinance 5-A, an ordinance to ban smoking. You are encouraged to come out and support civil liberties and the rights of businessmen. Please come out to the meeting, make signs, and tell Councilmen to vote “no” on any increased smoking ban for Atlantic City Casinos.

Call the different Councilmen a few times before the meeting to tell them to vote “no” on the proposed smoking ban ordinnance.

Councilmen At-Large:

George Tibbitt, 609.347.5241, gtibbitt@cityofatlanticcity.org
John Schultz, 609.347.5243, jschultz@cityofatlanticcity.org
Eugene Robinson, 609.347.6491, erobinson@cityofatlanticcity.org

Ward Councilmen:

6th – Tim Mancuso, 609.347.5238, tmancuso@cityofatlanticcity.org
5th – Dennis Mason, 609.347.5233, dmason@cityofatlanticcity.org
4th – William Marsh, 609.347.5242, wmarsh@cityofatlanticcity.org
3rd – Steven Moore, 609.347.5230, smoore@cityofatlanticcity.org
2nd – Marty Small, 609.347.5231, msmall@cityofatlanticcity.org
1st – G. Bruce Ward, 609.347.5232, bward@cityofatlanticcity.org

It is not yet a lost cause. There are four Councilmen supporting the ban: Moore, Robinson, Tibbitt, & Ward. It would be good to support those Councilmen not sponsoring this infringement on liberty and abuse of government. Focus on offering encouragement to Councilmen Schultz, Mason, Mancuso, Small, and Marsh to vote “no” on the proposed smoking ban.

Some talking points to consider are that this issue divides in to three parts: health, business, and freedom. It is good to promote information about how different products and types of behavior promote or detract from good health. It is another issue for government to come in and “protect” people from their own choices. We live in a society that demands responsible citizens. When we baby our businesses and citizens we will have a weaker community and business climate.

There are arguments for and against the smoking ban. Some think that the ban will be good for business and others think it will be bad. It is good to have these discussions and seek out the truth. The fact remains, however, that it is a gamble to deny a significant group of regular customers the ability to smoke and gamble. We do not know what will happen. If anything, the diminished profits since a majority of Casino area has been made smoke-free would indicate that the government ban is bad for business. Regardless, it should be the decision of the business owner to make decisions that have a vital effect on his ability to employ people and earn a living.

Finally, it is an abuse of government to force all businesses (Casinos) to ban smoking in their establishments. No one is forcing anyone to work in a casino. No one is forcing anyone to visit a particular casino. The individual casinos should be able to decide if they are going to be smoking, partially-smoking, or non-smoking. People who hate smoke and smokers can patronize the smoke-free casinos. But how pretentious is it to prevent smokers the right to have a place to socialize in public?  Are they really second-class citizens? I thought that we lived in a land of liberty and freedom. Yet liberty and freedom are thrown out the window when it comes to the issue of smoking. We are still Americans in casinos and we should certainly act like Americans in Atlantic City.

I call on the people reading this to call, write, protest, attand the meeting, and do whatever is necessary to stop this further government intrusion in to our lives.


About Jesse O. Kurtz

I am committed to fulfilling the promise of Atlantic City. The town would benefit from greater political participation by average citizens. Hopefully, some of the posts herein will encourage you to get more involved in your community. This blog will also feature other topics and subjects beyond Atlantic City. I hope that you will come to love Atlantic City as much, or more than I do.


One thought on “A Call to Action

  1. The completely corrupt council will pass this ban because they don’t care about any bogus health issues our propaganda ministers make us pay for. And it isn’t because they care about the casino’s bottom lines. They are being politically driven to this by Jim Whelan, the new boss of “correctness” in south Jersey. Bruce Ward learned as soon as Craig Callaway appointed him: Jim Whelan holds the purse strings and crossing Whelan means no future rise to power. They imagine that the casino workers are 110% against smoking, this conclusion reached without any input from any casino workers other than the Nazi zelots that obsessed and dedicated their lives to winning this issue, and they were concocted and funded by the state, when, the fact is, that most casino workers couldn’t care less about this, and it’s more likely that most do not want it because they know that it’s going to cause a teriffic loss of crisis proportions to the casinos and therefore, them. Bruce Ward has big ambitions and is working a trick out of Whelan ass kissing to effect this. The other corrupt misfits of “Speedy” Marsh’s council are on board because they see the same thing, VOTES FROM LOCAL 54! Oddly, one of local 54’s promotional “Elect Bob McDevitt dictator for life” radio commercials sites the “partial” smoking ban as one of the major reasons for the casino downturn. Ironic, Huh? Not in the fantasy world of Atlantic City.

    Posted by Seeing the big picture | April 18, 2008, 8:15 pm

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