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Labor Unions Are Above The Law

   Steven Lemongello of the Atlantic City Press writes:

Vowing that “we are going to shut this town down,” local AFL-CIO leader Roy Foster told a crowd of thousands at Saturday’s union rally that they weren’t going to march down the Boardwalk, as was previously announced. Instead, they were going to march straight down the center of Atlantic City along Pacific Avenue – a street the organizers did not have a permit to use. 

Roy Foster led thousands of union people, from around the country, down Pacific Avenue on a Saturday, shutting down Pacific Avenue.  Our local economy lost money thanks to labor union members from around the country, Governor Jon Corzine, Senator Bob Menendez, Mayor Scott Evans, and Roy Foster. 

   Mr. Lenongello continues:

Police Sgt. Monica McMenamin said that while the organizers’ permit was for a march down the Boardwalk, not Pacific, the police don’t anticipate any charges being filed. Backup plans were in place in case the route made such a detour, she said, and the march turned out to be a peaceful one without any arrests or disturbances.

Peaceful or not, the union members broke the law.  Roy Foster broke the law.  Even Al Sharpton was arrested for blocking traffic on the Atlantic City Expressway without a permit.  Maybe Reverend Sharpton should have joined UAW and he would not have been arrested.  Atlantic City Police Department needs to enforce the city’s laws equally to all.  Labor unions should never be exempted from the law, regardless of how much money they donate to Mayor Scott Evans’s campaign.

   You know, I have always wanted to have a birthday party in the middle of Pacific Avenue.  I might have to join the UAW, Local 54, or another labor union so I can hold a party in the middle of Pacific Avenue as well. 


About Jesse O. Kurtz

I am committed to fulfilling the promise of Atlantic City. The town would benefit from greater political participation by average citizens. Hopefully, some of the posts herein will encourage you to get more involved in your community. This blog will also feature other topics and subjects beyond Atlantic City. I hope that you will come to love Atlantic City as much, or more than I do.


3 thoughts on “Labor Unions Are Above The Law

  1. Maybe it was the fact that the governor spoke at the rally that allowed the police to ignore the law. This was an egregious example of what’s important in this town.

    The participation of the governor and the senator is a disgrace. The casinos should fire every dealer and replace them with electronic games. Who needs bums making $50K a year and complaining about it!

    Posted by dave202 | June 22, 2008, 11:30 pm
  2. I understand that most of the people at the rally were NOT from Atlantic City or nearby. The “unions” have a strangle hold on the casinos. They think they’re the collective property of the workers, and, so far, they’re right.

    Posted by And...... | June 23, 2008, 9:05 pm
  3. There weren’t even that many dealers at the rally. Maybe about 10 percent of the group. Just like the anti-smoking fanatics. Very very few of them were from AC and just a few more were actual casino workers. Yet City Council collapsed under their pressure. Are these people morons!???

    Posted by dave202 | June 27, 2008, 7:54 pm

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