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New Documentary Features 2007 Atlantic City Campaign

   I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Pollock last year.  Mr. Pollock is a rising film director.  He was in Atlantic City to cover the Sixth Ward City Council Campaign of Ytit Chauhan.  Variety Magazine features this documentary: Moore backs ‘Candidate’ Filmmaker stands behind feature By DADE HAYES   ‘The Youngest Candidate’ will screen … Continue reading

City Council To Become Financing Partner With Revel Entertainment

   City Council Ordinance-59 would have City Government loan its credit rating to Revel Entertainment for its casino project.  If you click on the link above, you can read the ordinance yourself.    This degree of partnership between city government and a casino developer is entirely inappropriate.  The role of government is not to undertake business deals.  … Continue reading

The Chelsea Already Impressing Guests

   Even before its official opening, The Chelsea admitted guests.  July 4, our family was enjoying Hilton Casino’s free Beach Boys concert on the beach.  We met the first guest to obtain a room at The Chelsea.  She was ecstatic!    She shared that many areas in the hotel were not finished.  Despite it being … Continue reading

Frank Formica and Formica’s Bakery

   The Star Ledger featured a fantastic story on Frank Formica earlier this month.  In case you missed the story, do check out “Atlantic City bakery perseveres amid changing times,” by Judy DeHaven.  Ms. DeHaven said, in part: Frank Formica is a bread baker, down to the core. Sure, he had his moments. After high … Continue reading

Casino Revenues Slump

   There is no one reason for the declining casino revenues.  WBGO-FM Newark reported: While some might not call it a slump, there have been definite downward trends for Atlantic City casinos this summer. Joe Weinert is the Senior Vice President of the casino consulting firm, Spectrum Gaming Group, and he says fewer gamblers are willing to … Continue reading

Jose Canseco Gets Trounced

   AOL sports’ MLB Fanhouse details Saturday night’s boxing action at Bernie Robbins Stadium: Vai Sikahema didn’t save the world on Saturday night, but he got the ball rolling, and that’s pretty good for an average guy. And he did so by quickly destroying Jose Canseco in a “celebrity” boxing “match” that didn’t last too particularly long … Continue reading

So-Called Public/Private Partnership Improper

   Yahoo Finance reports: Atlantic City’s City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to allow negotiations on financing for road improvements for a new casino. Revel Entertainment Group wants the city to issue $56 million in bonds to provide money for the company to redesign and widen access roads to the project. The company’s attorney said … Continue reading

Atlantic City’s Next Boutique Hotel

   Just a few years ago, it would be unlikely for us to be talking about boutique hotels in Atlantic City.  Now, two are open and the third is on its way. DiGeorge Atlantic is building Prasada.  AndrewC writes: Blah blah blah…nothing new here right? Oh no, Prasada will have a night club, wine tasting room, multi-lingual … Continue reading

Looming Specter of Craig Callaway

   I take on the fascination with Craig Callaway in my July Casino Connection column.  There is still a great deal of respect for Mr. Callaway’s ability to amass political power.  My column looks at Atlantic City’s political power landscape.  There were some lessons learned from June’s primary election.  Craig Callaway did not run for elected … Continue reading