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Atlantic City Scoop Coming Back Soon

   We are sailing back to a regular blogging schedule.    Between moving in to a home and vacation I have been quite busy and without Internet access.   We are currently re-tooling and will be back in the next few days with a lot of local election coverage.    Thank you for your readership. Advertisements

Why Most People Come to Atlantic City

   Every one knows that Atlantic City is a Casino city.  Yet many locals neglect what visitors travel for miles to enjoy here.    Jennifer Shahade blogs a little window in to one person’s trip to Atlantic City for a Poker tournament. My boyfriend and I arrived in Atlantic City for our post Labor Day vacation … Continue reading

John McQueen on Crime

TRUTH OF THE MATTER John McQueen for ATLANTIC CITY Vote John McQueen for Mayor November 4th! THE EDGE OF ACCEPTABLE SOCIETY Right now, right here in Atlantic City, we have a crime epidemic that’s beyond unacceptable and approaching chaotic. The victims and perpetrators are getting younger and no neighborhood is really safe. Many of our … Continue reading

Casino Workers Closer To Standing For Elected Office

   On September 15 Assembly Bill 3122was reported out of the Assembly Tourism and Gaming Committee.   A3122 would allow casino employees to run for elected office in Atlantic City.   Atlantic City’s Assemblyman Vince Polistina is a member of that Committee.   Asm. Polistina is a co-sponsor of A3122.    The Press of Atlantic City published an … Continue reading

John McQueen Introductory Letter

   We received the following letter from John McQueen, Republican candidate for Atlantic City’s Mayor.   We also welcome submissions and updates from Joe Polillo, Independent candidate, and Lorenzo Langford, Democrat candidate. KNOW BETTER, DESERVE BETTER John McQueen for ATLANTIC CITY Vote John McQueen for Mayor November 4th! WILLFUL IGNORANCE  Politics are about influence & rhetoric, debates … Continue reading

City Government Missed Chance To Ease Property Re-Val

   Michael Clark reports today a portion of the proceedings from last night’s City Council meeting: It was a crash that everyone saw coming, but no one applied the brakes. That is how City Council President William Marsh on Wednesday described the city’s collective response to a property revaluation that should have been done in … Continue reading

An Evening Out in Memory of Alan Barnett

   Alan Barnett was killed in the Minnesota plane crash.   He leaves behind a wife and children.   We hope to see you during An Evening Out in Memory of Alan Barnett. Monday, October 20th, 2008 6:00pm to 3:00am Le Grande Fromage $20.00 per person All proceeds will go to the Barnett family.   Here is a … Continue reading

Atlantic City Absentee Ballots

   It will be interesting to see what effect absentee ballots have on November’s elections.   Atlantic City’s experience with absentee and special absentee messenger ballots are notorious.   Thanks to Atlantic City’s corrupt absentee ballot machines the Republican National Committee added a party plank to address the issue at the behest of Atlantic County Republican Chairman, … Continue reading

The County In Which Atlantic City Is Located

   Atlantic City is located in Atlantic County.   Atlantic City dominates the headlines.  But, there are many fascinating areas and aspects of Atlantic County.   Atlantic County Cartoons … and other stuff gives a fantastic summary of the areas of the County– although we do not share in the depictions of area politicians, except Atlantic City.  … Continue reading

The Law States Citizen Referendum Petition is Valid

   Say what you will about Local 54 President, Bob McDevitt’s motivations, he orchestrated a successful petition to block the city ordinance granting Revel Entertainment special financing rates. The Local 54 foot soldiers obtained well more than the needed signatures to halt Revel’s borrowing through the government. New Jersey state statutes clearly indicate the following, … Continue reading