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Join me for an hour Christmas Eve

… or maybe an hour and forty-five minutes. I am guest hosting the Seth Grossman show on Christmas Eve. The show is from 3pm – 4:45pm. If you are in the South Jersey area, you can listen to WIBG 1020 AM. The show is also broadcast online. http://azul.streamguys.com/wibg1020, is the direct link to listen to … Continue reading

Atlantic City Should Mimic Boston

Citizens should not have to pay OPRA (Open Public Records Act) fees everytime they want an answer to where and how their money is being spent. The Internet is a great tool. Atlantic City government should use it more than they currently are. Continue reading

The Power of Citizen Participation in Community Life

The Atlantic City Business and Community Association (ACBCA) is accomplishing a tremendous impact in a short amount of time. The ACBCA is working hard to revive “The Avenue” (Atlantic Avenue from Michigan Avenue to the Inlet) as the heart of Atlantic City’s business community. Proceeding from successful beautification efforts, public awareness, storefront renovations, and a trick-or-treat event the ACBCA is taking strides to rejuvenate city life on Atlantic Avenue. Continue reading

Assemblymen Vince Polistina and John Amodeo Introduce Legislation Preventing Casino Shutdown

The failure of the Governor and Legislature to pass a budget by July 1 in 2006 resulted in a shutdown of the state government and the closing of the casinos in Atlantic City for the first time in history. The state lost $4 million of revenue as a result of the 2006 shutdown. Continue reading

Smoking Ban is Bad for Casino Business

The point to keep in mind is that the business risk of limiting or banning smoking indoors is the right of the business owners and management, not government officials Continue reading

Allowing Casino Employees to Stand for Office

The constitution not only discriminates against casino employees, but also owners of smaller establishments, and developers in other towns. Continue reading

Eugene Robinson’s “Rightousness”

Councilman Eugene Robinson picks-up a hooker in a taxpayer-funded vehicle, receives sexual services, and has the nerve to sue taxpayers for his embarrassment from being caught. Continue reading

Atlantic City Needs Another Industry.

Economic prosperity will again thrive – regardless of the national or international picture – if Atlantic City can insulate itself from regional, national, and international economic downturns. We here have a solution, which will add another dimension to our local economy. Continue reading

AC New Republicans December Meeting

Atlantic City New Republican Club 1 December, MMVIII   For immediate release Media contact – Jesse O. Kurtz, 609.334.3756     ATLANTIC CITY NEW REPUBLICAN CLUB APPEALING TO DISENFRANCHISED CITY RESIDENTS      The Atlantic City New Republican Club will hold its second monthly meeting at Ducktown Tavern on 10 December at Ducktown Tavern on … Continue reading