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Thank Goodness Global Warming is a Scam

I am very thankful that climate patterns are cyclical and global warming is a scam. Otherwise, Atlantic City would be in trouble. Continue reading


Mayor Langford Right in Demanding Transparency

Mr. Langford’s question are spot on point. Not only should the Mayor be answered, but the Mayor should share these answers with the people. Continue reading

Press Reports Free Drug Needle Exchange Not Successful, Big Surprise

The state budget pays for the illegal drug supplies that are distributed free to illegal drug users. Atlantic City’s budget pays for a certain percentage of administration and overhead costs. Continue reading

Borgata’s Artistic Glass

Borgata Casino has beautiful artistic glass on display, from Dave Chihuly, throughout the property. My parents used to sit next to Mr. Chihuly at a major Philadelphia art show. In addition to his quality art work, Mr. Chihuly is a gentleman. Continue reading