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Democrat Primary – City Council Candidate Notes

The Democrat City Council At-Large candidates will appear as follows on the primary ballot:


George Tibbitt
(Photo credit – http://www.fannielouhamer.info/sitebuilder/images/new_jersey_IV-476×564.jpg)

Frank Gilliam
“Mo” Delgado
Nashir U. Sheikh
pinkett and crew
Durwood Pinkett
(Mr. Pinkett is in the middle in the back, Photo Credit – http://www.acweekly.com/images/issues/2007-10-11/large/img_7470_redwelling_2.jpg

Fareed Abdullah
Joseph Hicks

eugene robinson
Eugene Robinson
(Photo Credit – http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0gyWcxg5U216u/610x.jpg)

Earnest Coursey
Earnest Coursey
(Mr. Coursey is third from left walking in front row, phto credit – http://www.fannielouhamer.info/sitebuilder/images/new_jersey_IV-476×564.jpg)


bey small rasheed
Keisha Bey, (Marty Small,) & Dafiq Rasheed
(Photo credit – http://www.dafiqrasheed.com/Dafiq_Rasheed_For_City_Council/News_files/photo.jpg)
Rizwan Malik


carol ruffu
Carol Ruffu
(Ms. Ruffu is on the far right, photo credit – http://www.fannielouhamer.info/sitebuilder/images/new_jersey_IV-476×564.jpg)

(Feel free to leave your own comments and thoughts on the election.)

Here are some notes from the campaign trail.   The Lorenzo Langford supporters I encounter are satisfied with his two Council running mates, “Mo” Delgado and Frank Gilliam.   Those supporters are more pleased with “Mo” Delgado, due to his name recognition and speaking ability, yet are satisfied with both.  

Although George Tibbitt is on Lorenzo Langford’s ticket, there are people working for Mr. Langford, who are encouraging Earnest Coursey to be the third vote for City Council.   This phenomenon coupled with George Tibbitt’s popularity adds doubt to what would otherwise be a no-brainer, no-contest re-election for the lone incumbent (Mr. Tibbitt) in a crowded field.

Neither Rizwan Malik, nor Nashir U. Sheikh have appeared at any community forums (to my knowledge).   Mr. Sheikh has a formidable 8-1/2 x 11 flier campaign around town. 

Dafiq Rasheed has impressed many older voters.   Because of the crowded field and the presence of many new faces, there is a desire to pick at least one younger candidate to carry the torch.   For those looking for at least one younger candidate, Mr. Rasheed is the lead choice.   He also introduces new technology to Atlantic City campaigns, second only to the Republican mayoral candidate.   Here is Mr. Rasheed’s Twitter link.

Keisha Bey gives a heart-touching speech at community forums on the gunshots that she and her son have heard from their home.

“Mo” Delgado is undoubtedly the best public speaker in the crowd.

Carol Ruffu has myriad experience and has been well-received at the community forums.   She enjoys sharing the fact she is descended from a previous Atlantic City Mayor.

Earnest Coursey has painted himself as the candidate with the most elected experience.

I was thoroughly impressed by Durwood Pinkett and disappointed to see him depart the race.   I suspect he will play a large role in the Atlantic City political landscape for years to come.   According to the Press of Atlantic City, Mr. Pinkett and Eugene Robinson are the two candidates, who have dropped out, but will still appear on the ballot.   I wonder what happens if one of the two is elected?

Frank Gilliam claims to have been honored for his criminal justice work in South Africa.

Joseph Hicks has made personal responsibility the cornerstone of his campaign.

Fareed Abdullah was removed from Lorenzo Langford’s ticket and is now collaborating with David Tayoun.   Mr. Abdullah’s main issues are increasing youth programs and addressing police brutality.

(The candidates without photographs did not yield photographs through Google image search.)


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I am committed to fulfilling the promise of Atlantic City. The town would benefit from greater political participation by average citizens. Hopefully, some of the posts herein will encourage you to get more involved in your community. This blog will also feature other topics and subjects beyond Atlantic City. I hope that you will come to love Atlantic City as much, or more than I do.


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