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Taimak Guarriello Comes to Atlantic City

Angela Crockett of Save Our Seed, Inc. sent me the following release:

Elevating the Standards of Excellence
S.O.S is a not for profit organization that partners with high profile individuals and organization in an effort to empower our youth to reach their full potential through the arts. 
OUR GUEST:  Martial Arts Expert and Actor Taimak Guarriello teams up with local charitable organization, Save Our Seed (S.O.S) to bring educational equality to our youth. 
WHAT: Wednesday, December 9th, actor Taimak Guarriello, star of The Last Dragon, will visit our students, grades 4 – 12, to bring his Unfolding Dream Program to the classroom.  During a one day school wide assembly educational presentation, Taimak will present to students from:
Sovereign Avenue Elementary School ( Atlantic City ) 9:15 am – 10:00 am
Atlantic City High School 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Washington Avenue Elementary (Pleasantville) – 1:15pm – 2:00 pm
WHY:  Taimak’s Unfolding Dream Program is designed to encourage students to get in touch with their heart and to create their future from their personal inspiration, not from educational inequality. Through Taimak’s program, our students will be encouraged to embrace the possibility of the future and begin shaping their dreams NOW!
PRESS INTERVIEWS:  Taimak Gaurriello interview Tuesday, December 8th, at Cape Bank, 1501 Pacific & New York Avenue, Atlantic City at 6:30-700 pm EST.
About Taimak Guarriello’s Dream Program: Taimak’s Unfolding Dream, Inc. is about giving young people an opportunity to see their dream NOW!  And in doing so, with our help, they become their dream. Taimak’s Dream Program is a freeing yet disciplined practice and it works for everyone regardless of age, religion, culture, monetary status or gender. 
About Save Our Seed (S.O.S.) Inc: Established in 2007 by Angela Crockett, S.O.S. is a not for profit organization that provides a support network to encourage open dialogue on issues related to societal distress.  We partner with a myriad of organizations and individuals that are in a posture to charge head-on in an effort to reverse the staggering statistics that plague our communities, families, and children.  We fervently believe in engaging celebrities who are social visionaries and have the ability to influence their audience.
S.O.S. Driven,
Angela Crockett
Chief Visionary & Save Our Seed Pioneer
PO Box 152
Atlantic City, N.J. 08404
P: 609.385.0123 * F: 609.385.0135

I encourage you to support S.O.S.   They do great work to heal our culture in Atlantic City.

Here is a biography of Taimak Guarriello.


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