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Fair Hearing Bill (NJ) – What do you think?

The Press of Atlantic City’s Juliet Fletcher reports: Fair hiring bill Also this week, Assemblywoman Celeste Riley, D-Salem, Gloucester, Cumberland, led action to stop companies from posting job openings that excluded applicants who are unemployed. “This bill is very simply the right thing to do for thousands of New Jerseyans who, through no fault of their … Continue reading

Presidents Abraham Lincoln (Republican), Andrew Jackson (Democrat), & Today’s Republican and Democrat Parties

Who are the “Fathers” of the Republican and Democrat Parties?   I am very excited to bring to you a special edition of the Jesse Kurtz Show this Saturday, 13 Saturday, 2pm – 4pm on WIBG 1020 AM in the Atlantic City, NJ Metro Market and online at http://www.wibg.com/listen5.html . Presidents Abraham Lincoln (Republican), Andrew Jackson … Continue reading

Untold Story of Election Day 2010

There has and will be much analysis of the Senate, House, Gubernatorial, Statehouse, and local campaigns, yet other than the California ballot initiative to legalize marijuana, yet there is not much reporting on some very interesting ballot measures from around the country.   Here is a sampling of what voters decided: —————————————————————————–   CA – A … Continue reading