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Poetic Refelection on Japanese Tragedy

Below the loud hub-bub of angles that can be taken on the Japanese tragedy is a beautiful poetic reflection from Jenn in Japan, who is an American staying in Japan and reflecting on the situation in a lyric fashion.   Please enjoy the following poem composed by Jenn in Japan: 日本のために For Japan In this far, far … Continue reading

Reform the Veterans Administration Health Care System

The VA is in better shape in some areas more than others.   For the veterans in certain areas, they receive good care.   But for those in other areas – like South Jersey – veterans have to endure long bus rides to receive care that they need.   This is completely wrong.   A pilot program proposal was put … Continue reading

Move Over Ambulance Chasing … Enter Stage Left the Witchhunt for Priests

I received the following from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.   It is very important to consider the following perspective along with everything else that has been said concerning the priest scandal: JEFFREY ANDERSON’S VENDETTA The following is the text of our ad that appears today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:   Anyone who thinks Jeffrey Anderson … Continue reading

Social Security: The Third Rail

It is time to address one of the gigantic areas of financial “entitlement” which is sinking the American ship of state: Social Security.   There are dueling plans by the Democrat and Republican congressional caucuses to cut government spending, both of which have failed in the Senate and both of which address no more than 2% … Continue reading