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Poetic Refelection on Japanese Tragedy

Below the loud hub-bub of angles that can be taken on the Japanese tragedy is a beautiful poetic reflection from Jenn in Japan, who is an American staying in Japan and reflecting on the situation in a lyric fashion.   Please enjoy the following poem composed by Jenn in Japan:

日本のために For Japan

In this far,
far East
the mourning comes quietly.
The Land
trembles with our flooded
The Rising Sun
the blackest hours.

We are in morning now.
おはようございます。Ohayou gozaimasu*
to another day.

The waking from dreams
furthers the nightmare.
We long for a lullaby
as the sirens stir us from sleep.

The ocean has no bounds.
Trespassing into homes,
into families,
into bodies.
Its water spills down my cheeks.

The earth breaks.
More fragile than our hearts.
Hope is not uprooted
as the tender trees.
Love is not buried alive.
絶対諦めない。Zettai akiramenai.***

Translation Notes

* ohayo gozaimasu – good morning

** Shoppai – salty

*** Zettai akiramenai – Never give up


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