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Reform the Veterans Administration Health Care System

The VA is in better shape in some areas more than others.   For the veterans in certain areas, they receive good care.   But for those in other areas – like South Jersey – veterans have to endure long bus rides to receive care that they need.   This is completely wrong.   A pilot program proposal was put together to allow veterans in South Jersey to receive care at a South Jersey hospital (Shore Memorial), rather than have to take a bus (that does not even have a bathroom) to Delaware.

Conservative New Jersey’s Russ Bongiovanni blogs on this topic, featuring the thoughts of one of the local advocates of this pilot project: April Christine Kauffman.

Joe Nickels and I had a discussion on one of my radio shows.   He made the point that veterans should have some type of card, which allows them to get health care from anywhere that they want, rather than be forced to use a VA medical facility.   This solution would allow the free market – individual veterans – to make the decision of where they go for care, rather than have government administrators in the VA force veterans to go to only a select number of health care facilities.   I like Joe’s idea.

Regardless of where you live, contact your congressman and senators and tell them that the VA needs to be reformed.   Veterans should be able to receive care at the location of their choice.

(Image Source & Further Reading – http://wanderingvets.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/reform.gif )


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