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13 Steps for Atlantic City in 2013

2013 needs to be a big year for Atlantic City to reverse our collective fortunes. What could be done to turn things around locally? Here are 13 steps to start. Please check them out and leave a comment with your thoughts. Continue reading


What is the Story Behind These New Billboards?

Recently, two new red billboards with non-commercial statements have appeared on the way into Atlantic City. The messages appear to refer to Atlantic City’s resilience.   Is this an opening salvo from the AC Alliance?   Who is the anonymous patron?   Do you know who is behind this?   Leave your comments below.

Will One Atlantic City Councilman Stand Against?

City Council is supposed to be a representative body. The various members are designed to represent the various people, ideas, viewpoints, etc… in the city. There are a growing number of Atlantic City residents growing nervous about the police and fire lay-offs. Residents and visitors alike are posing serious questions as to whether the city is less safe now that 60 police and 30 firemen have been laid off.

Who on Council represents that viewpoint? In other words, who represents us?
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Jesse is one of the Top 40 Under 40

Jesse would like to thank Atlantic City Weekly and the Greater Atlantic City Jaycee (Junior Chamber of Commerce) for the honor of being named one of this year’s Top 40 Under 40.   He also thanks those who nominated him for this honor.   Here is the write-up from this week’s AC Weekly: Jesse Kurtz Founder, Atlantic … Continue reading

Atlantic City Digest – January 31, 2010

(Image Source – http://www.scoutingny.com/?p=1477) Atlantic City Author Bryant Simon on Niagra Falls Casino – Niagara Gazette Chris Christie Complimented for Atlantic City Remarks – Philly Inquirer Advocating for Disabled Hockey Players, EveryBODY Skates visits Flyer’s Skate Zone in Atlantic City – JesseOKurtz.com EXCLUSIVE  First-Time AC Visitor Blogs Positive Experience – Huffington Post Greyhound & Casinos Reach … Continue reading

New Jersey Initiative and Referendum 101

Last Saturday, I promised Jim from Northfield that I would share information on how citizens can get ordinances on the ballot.   I invite him and you to read the Office of Legislative Services’ Report on ‘Initiative and Referendum in New Jersey’s Counties and Municipalities.   (Thank you Senator Jeff Van Drew for sharing this information with … Continue reading

Thank You AC Weekly!

AC Weekly called out the Baltimore Sun for that newspaper’s horrendous coverage of Atlantic City.   Pinky Kravitz also deplored the Baltimore Sun’s poor coverage of Atlantic City during an episode of his Pinky’s Cornerradio program.   Mr. Kravitz also mused that a possible reason for the lack of fact checking is the ever-shrinking news staff at most … Continue reading

Press Reports Free Drug Needle Exchange Not Successful, Big Surprise

The state budget pays for the illegal drug supplies that are distributed free to illegal drug users. Atlantic City’s budget pays for a certain percentage of administration and overhead costs. Continue reading

Our First Anniversary

   Today, we celebrate the one year anniversary of The Atlantic City Scoop.  I am very thankful for the loyal readership that has been cultivated throughout our first year.  The Scoop has turned in to a great hobby for me.  Your thoughts and input has been appreciated and helped to mold what is offered here. … Continue reading

John McQueen on Crime

TRUTH OF THE MATTER John McQueen for ATLANTIC CITY Vote John McQueen for Mayor November 4th! THE EDGE OF ACCEPTABLE SOCIETY Right now, right here in Atlantic City, we have a crime epidemic that’s beyond unacceptable and approaching chaotic. The victims and perpetrators are getting younger and no neighborhood is really safe. Many of our … Continue reading